Cristina & Matthew Engagement Session

Cristina & Matthew Engagement Session

Sometimes photographers are lucky enough to come by couples who are so obviously in love with each other. This was one of those times. 

I have a love/hate relationship with social media platforms. On one hand, you can spend hours of being absolutely brainless while scrolling, but on the other, this is where clientele is. Cristina found me through one of them and in this case I am SO thankful for social media. She contacted me to do her engagement photos and wedding coming up in December.


Cristina quickly picked a perfect location: Tampa. Being a California girl, I love the city. I particularly love the city of Tampa. Lots of food, art, and fun for everyone. There are endless places to take photos. Curtis Hixon Park was the first stop. After, we continued up to the loft/arena area that is part of Curtis Hixon Park. I love these hallway shots. 


Most couples ask, "how do we pose?" or say something like "we don't really know what we are doing with photos." Cristina and Matthew said this from the get go. I believe they lied ;-) They were comfortable and calm in giving me a glimpse of who they are when I'm not around. Take note y'all! 


Next it was on to explore the city and that we did! Tampa Theatre, street wall art, and even the middle of the street was a perfect setting. So many gems are in this amazing city. All of the walking had us famished and it was time for something yummy. I had gone to the Tampa Pizza Company prior to our session for a bite to eat. From the moment I walked in they were nothing but nice and surprisingly attentive. It was the Florida State Thespian week in Tampa. It's a time of teenagers with love for theatre and competing take over Tampa (both Caleb and I were Thespians in high school!). So when I immediately saw the crowd of performers in mostly black outfits in the restaurant, I didn't know what to expect. 


First off their food was amazing! I had wings. Secondly, the staff was super friendly. I loved the atmosphere. I suggested it to Cristina and Matthew and they agreed it worked for dinner. After splitting a pizza, and giving me a few slices - thank you!, we all agreed they have some pretty amazing food. It was a perfect end to a perfect session.