Honeymoon Island Maternity Session

Honeymoon Island Maternity Session

There are many types of photography nowadays. You can even photograph food for a living now (to all my foodies - yes!). Maternity photography is becoming more and more popular. I had yet to do a beach session and when this couple came along asking for it, I got so excited! They reached out and booked our "First Year" Package with some modifications by adding a maternity in substitute for another (link here: http://www.oosterlingvideography.com/other/). Their location choice of Honeymoon Island was absolutely perfect. We stayed for the sunset and received beautiful, romantic lighting!


Being a Mother myself, I understand the ups and downs of pregnancy. But there is usually a time block around the 32-34 week mark that women are at their peak during it. This is perfect picture taking time! It is when you are not yet unbearably uncomfortable and definitely have that glow up going on. I mean look at her! I told her during the session, "okay, it's time to call Motherhood Maternity for some modeling photos". 


I always recommend women take the opportunity to get these photos done. Not because it is my job, but because it is moments capture of them carrying, nurturing, feeding, and loving a human before they ever even enter the air. It's astonishing what our bodies are capable of.