Coralia & Will Engagement Session

Coralia & Will Engagement Session

Coralia and Will have become closer friends with Caleb and I as we have begun attending their church. They are welcoming, generous, and genuine people. I'm thankful that our paths crossed again in the way they did. The two have been a couple since high school and are engaged! Coralia came to me and asked if we could do their session as soon as possible because Will is about to get braces. All my braces people, where you at? I had them for 7 years, I REPEAT 7, on and off. So I definitely understood where they were coming from.


We took to a picnic setting at a nearby wilderness park. They had lanterns, cozy blankets, and goodies, including cheesecake! Cheesecake has been a thing for the two of them for a while. We all have those special things that come from back stories with our significant other. Cheesecake was perfectly fitting for a picnic. After doing some of what I call "soda pop poses" like the 50's, Will laughed and said, "We're cheesy because we had cheesecake".


Later on we moved to another picnic setup but with memories instead of food. They had boxes full of letters, movie/event tickets, and memorable tokens. They started to go through them and reminisce on the past 3+ they have shared so far. One of the best parts was the brownies Coralia made for April fools day last year. Get it? Brown-E's?


The two stepped off for me so they could read aloud some letters. Will held one Coralia had written recently while she read one he wrote early in their relationship. As he heard the hopes, dreams, and prayers for their blossoming relationship he wrote that long ago, I saw him begin to gush. She paused reading. He quickly said, "No, keep reading. I haven't heard this in a long time."


NICHOLAS SPARKS BETTER GET SOME CONTENT FROM THESE TWO. All I'm saying is their love exudes. If you couldn't already tell by these photos. The flower bouquet was HIS idea!


To my wonderful friends, thank you for letting me be a part of such a sweet and memory filled session. Your relationship is beautiful. I wish you the best in the days up to marriage and for all the rest there after.